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The Gallery       The two links below will take you to the different galleries of carves already created by Illuminated Carves. Some of these have been sold already but can easily be re-created and carved exactly as you see them or with your modifications. Some of them are still available immediately.      Pricing for any custom carve varies depending on availability of product, quantity of orders, and complexity of the carve. We do also offer a referral program giving you an incentive to get others to order from us. PLEASE EMAIL THE ARTIST WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS OR TO PLACE AN ORDER.      We can carve ALMOST anything as long as we have a digital images of what you want to have carved. If you want a custom carve of a celebrity, movie, athlete, logo, etc. and we can get the image then a digital photo is not necessary. If you want a custom carve of your company logo or a portrait of something/someone personal to you, we prefer several pictures to choose from as some pictures turn out better than others. Pumpkin Carvings Shadowbox Carvings
The Gallery